How do I buy Tickets?-

You can buy tickets here. No printer? No problem! We can scan your tickets on your phone or tablet. Lost your phone? We can verify your tickets in person with a government issued ID. Lost your ID? We feel bad for you. Been there.

When are you open?-

Our 2017 calendar is available here.

Friday and Saturdays 7-12

Factory of Horror makes every effort to accommodate customers on busy nights, but the large volume of people on Friday and Saturday nights can cause the box office to close earlier than posted times. If you come on any night we are closed you'll get a free lights off tour of the outside of the building. You can't say we're not generous!

Do I have to buy for a specific date and time?

If you purchase tickets for a specific date they must be used by the last day of our operating season (VIP tickets must be used on the specific dates and times listed). Or if you prefer you can use them for making origami or airplanes, we won't tell.

What is a VIP ticket?-

A VIP ticket includes a bus ride to and from Hermann, Missouri. It must be used on the date and times specified (no exceptions). It's pretty awesome! We pick up at the corner of W. 1st street and Market in Hermann, Missouri at the River Memorial Parking Lot.

Is there parking?-

Free parking is available on the haunt property and surrounding streets. If you want to throw the guy with an old shopping cart a few bucks we won't tell.

GPS Navigation users please use the following address:

Where are you located?-

200 Rosalie Ave.

Berger, Missouri 63014‍‍‍

Or use these coordinates:

Latitude: 38°40'29.9"N

Longitude: 91°20'04.8"W

Is Factory of Horror open if it rains?-

Yes. We are indoors and are open rain or shine. Although if it's a really sunny day we might close. Especially if it's a day we are not open.

Do you allow parties and special events at the haunt?-

We do allow events and parties but space and time are limited each season. Your best bet is to contact us. We take requests, sometimes. Except that one time.

What is a behind the scenes tour?-

We offer special "behind the scenes" tours. Just contact us for more details.

What's with all the lines?-

If you get tickets online or on site you MUST get a wristband. That other line? That's for cool people who get fast passes. What are those? Cool people are people we like to hang out with. Oh, you meant fast passes? Those let you skip the outside lines and go right in. Get one here!

Are bathrooms available?-

Sorry they are all taken. Wait one just opened up. Never mind. Yes we do, they are portable too! We hear that's pretty neat!

Does Factory of Horror accept credit cards?-

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We no longer accept pocket lint. In lieu of pocket lint we will take cash. We do not have an ATM onsite. We hate those!

Will your actors touch me?-

They are not supposed to touch you, and in most situations they won't. They do get very close however. Occasionally you may brush up against their costumes or props.They may touch you emotionally. No hugs allowed.

Are there any age restrictions?-

Factory of Horror is not recommended for children under 13, and no one under 7 will be admitted. There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. Unless you have a baby that can walk, then we need to talk.

Is Factory of Horror wheelchair accessible?-

Factory of Horror's current layout does NOT allow for wheel chair access. That may change in the future.

Is there a lot of smoke in the attraction?-

We use fog machines and scents throughout the attraction. While we do not intentionally use a lot of fog it may sometimes be a little thick.

Are there strobe lights?-

Yes, and they work great! And our refrigerator is running. Thanks for asking!

Can I go in if I'm pregnant?

Factory of Horror is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart or lung conditions or are in general poor health.

Once we've used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket?-
No, you must purchase a new ticket.

Can we be thrown out?-
Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. The first violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and after the second, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?-
NO! And they are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any.

Is smoking allowed?-
Smoking is allowed only in the parking lot and in the line outside of the building. Smoking is NOT allowed indoors. This includes using vapor devices! Sorry for the buzz kill.

Can we take flash photos of the haunt?-
NO photography of any sort is allowed inside the haunt; however, the monsters working outside will quite often pose for pictures. Unless they are wanted by the government.

What can't we bring with us inside your haunt?-

No weapons, pets, food, beverages including alcoholic, cameras, flashlights, or laser pointers! Also no vehicles allowed inside, at least no big trucks!

How can I work at Factory of Horror?-

Just visit our employment page for details! Maybe if we really like you, we might let you in!

How scary is it? Really?-

Obviously we can't speak for everyone, we think it's pretty scary. People on Facebook think it's pretty scary. Must be pretty scary.

How long does it take to go through?-

Average walking speed for humans is 3.1 miles per hour. If you run it will be faster, hope this helps. Seriously though between 25 to 35 minutes is average. We always encourage people to take their time, unless they get scared, in which case everyone for themselves.

Where are you located?-

We are located in an old Factory in Downtown Berger, Missouri. We are NOT located in an old school (yes we get this question). Just look for our signs, they have the logo on them, no cows though.

Can I bring my kids?-

We don't have the authority to tell you to bring your kids or not. Your grandparents may decide although ultimately it's up to you. We have had kids as young as 7 or so come through, if that helps. We don't do much blood and gore if any, or chainsaws.

Is there anything else nearby that we can do as well?-

As a matter of fact today is your lucky day! We are located just minutes away from historic Hermann, Missouri. Every weekend in October, the Hermann Oktoberfest attracts thousands from across the country. It's not scary though. We have a bus that goes back and forth from Hermann to the haunt. The bus is pretty awesome!

Do you offer any group discounts?-

Yes, if your group is 15 or more you can purchase tickets online or onsite at a discounted rate. If your group is larger than 100 please contact us or refer to special events. If your group is larger than 500 you are pretty popular, can we hang out?







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